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Chatbots for business processes automation

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Chatbots for business processes automation

A chatbot is a virtual assistant that is installed in various instant messengers (you can also install chatbots on the company’s website by using a widget). With their help, a person can automatically receive answers to his questions, send a resume to an employer, check the weather, make purchases and much more. That is, such bots are an automatic system through which you can communicate with users, who are often potential buyers.

Exonya got a new software development project from Russian company (

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We got a new software development project from Russian company, main web-site is Our duties is to create several plugins for the website plus to create a new adaptive web-design which would work on PC and mobile devices. For example, we need to create new import plugin (when Excel file is a data source and that plugin should parse it and put new data into the DB into the correct categories). Also there is should be new plugin for payment system integration (bank Avangard from Russia) so users will be able to use credit cart in order to pay for order.

It’s not an CMS – main web-site is based on e-commerce solution called nopCommerce. It’s based on ASP.NET MVC, DB is MS SQL Server.

We’ll inform you about updates.

EXONYA has started to work on new project for Transwestern – for invoices processing

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We have started working on the new project for Transwestern company.

Transwestern wants to automate processing of invoices, coming from different vendors. Those invoices should go through several levels of approvers and finally – to get into a payment system in order to get paid. You may imagine how many invoices are coming into the offices every day by taking into the account that as of today Transwestern company has 34 offices in U.S. This project should optimize business processes by saving a lot of time (as you remember – time is money!) by dramatically speeding up invoice processing. It leads to money saving and costs cutting for Transwestern.

We’re going to use HTML5 together with JavaScript and on the server-side: MS SQL Server in conjunction with AJAX web-service (data format exchange is JSON) that is contains strong business logic and data validation.

Contact Scrambler – now in English, Russian, French, Spanish, German and Italian languages!

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We have published new version of the our software for Windows Phone – Contact Scrambler. It’s a mobile application that allows users to have some private information linked with contacts from contact list. This private information is stored in a secure way so nobody can access it but you – in order to get access to the data, user has to enter password.

Now application is fully localized (all the strings were translated) and supports 6 languages – English, Russian, French, Spanish, German and Italian. We were asked by some of the users to make localization – here we go! Please feel free to download it.

Stay tuned!

Contact Scrambler for Windows Phone