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IT SErvices / Software Outsourcing// EXONYA provides IT services in custom software development and in software outsourcing on the highest professional level

Software Outsourcing may help your company to optimize costs on IT infrastructure and software development. By dedicating software development and IT services into professional software outsourcing company (like EXONYA) your company can concentrate on the main line of business and duties of our professionals will be to serve IT needs of the company.

It will be B2B (business-to-business) relationship and your company will have no need in providing additional desktops or working spaces, computers, laptops and other equipment for own IT personnel, no need in additional management of IT employees as it will be our duties to work on all that tasks. Also it may reduce costs and taxes which your company pays for the own IT employees.

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Software outsourcing has a lot of advantages and sometimes it could be real panacea for companies even with existing IT department. Our professional experiences shows that it’s very often appears in the real world when company’s IT department can’t solve problem existing in the company for the long time due to low professional level or even due to inability of IT personnel to solve that problem as IT department has no tools or knowledge to do that. That kind of situation often appears in companies where IT department has just a support role and company’s line of business is far from IT business. Also in this case it’s very often when IT department has a deal with technologies from the last century or just with old technologies or equipment. From company’s management point of view everything seems fine but it’s not true – there is no effectiveness in company managing process, slowness in decision making and usage of outdated data.

Of course, that kind of issue could be solved even with help of internal IT department. But problem is that they should be in touch with the modern technologies and software development methodologies but it’s not impossible because internal IT department has a deal just with technologies that works for the company during a long time. So – in your company there is could be no innovations, no new effective and modern technologies and it means – no effectiveness in company’s business processes and no competitive advantage comparing with competitors of the company…

But your company can leave all IT-problems behind by simply moving a lot of IT processes into software outsourcing company and EXONYA at your service. This is our main line of business – custom software development, software outsourcing and IT services. We’re in touch with the modern IT technologies and solutions, we’re using them in our projects, we’re transparent and open for communication and EXONYA can create any type of custom software your company needs. Just let us know about your company needs and we’ll contact you back as soon as we can. Best IT professionals from St.Petersburg, Russia at your service!