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Chatbots for business processes automation

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Chatbots for business processes automation

A chatbot is a virtual assistant that is installed in various instant messengers (you can also install chatbots on the company’s website by using a widget). With their help, a person can automatically receive answers to his questions, send a resume to an employer, check the weather, make purchases and much more. That is, such bots are an automatic system through which you can communicate with users, who are often potential buyers.

Business Opportunities

In essence, this is a computer program that maintains a dialogue with a person, giving him answers to standard questions, sending them from existing information databases, or reacting to certain commands. Through the use of chatbots, the principles on which the business was built become different. Customers and various companies are interested in this tool, primarily due to its ease of use and ability to cut costs.

Business problems solved by chatbots

These virtual assistants can be created for a variety of platforms. The most popular of them are those that work in Slack messengers, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and others. But there are a number of bots to solve larger business problems. So, there are a number of useful bots, for example, with which you can find gif-animation or use them as a personal assistant.

If the bot functions are associated with the platform, then the use of a virtual assistant makes sense. For example, there are bots that send customer data directly to the managers currently on the site. Therefore, while the potential client is in touch, the company has more chances to keep him.

There are also bots that allow you to significantly simplify communication. For example, a virtual assistant can tell about the main events of the company, on a specially created channel. There are also bots that are entrusted with the function of antivirus or helpers who can send a working conversation to your email.

Virtual assistants in group chats can perform many different functions, and you can even not have the functionality to work with individual clients. These helpers are services for instant messengers. At the same time, most bots are oriented towards the end user, being cross-platform.

Now chatbots for business, solve such tasks:

  • Consultation of clients and their informational support. In the presence of such virtual assistants, a live consultant is removed up to 40% of the load. Due to this, it is possible to reduce the staff and optimize the expenses of the company.
  • A spread of information. These chatbots are popular with mass media. They distribute informational and advertising content. They can also respond to various user requests.
  • Search for information. It is carried out according to the parameters set by the user. For example, you can find great deals on flights on specific dates.
  • Systematization of customer information. Virtual assistants about customers can collect the following information: e-mail, phone number, data in social networks and so on.
  • Sales of goods and taking orders. These are virtual assistants who place orders for goods and services. For example, customers can show the menu of a cafe or restaurant and take an order for product delivery.

The need to use chatbots for business is due to the following reasons:

  • Solving routine tasks;
  • You can quickly process hundreds of user hits;
  • In relation to the company, customers become more loyal.

The benefits of using virtual assistants for clients are as follows:

  • Saves time. A person can get an answer to a question instantly, and not in a few hours or even days.
  • The ability to use the service in messengers to which the user is accustomed.
  • A person gets a clear answer to his question.

As a conclusion, I’d like to say that Exonya, as a software company, offers its services in the development and implementation of chatbots. At the moment we have all possibilities for the rapid chat bots development – there are many different frameworks for developing a chat bots system. If you are interested in introducing chat bots – just let us know – write us a letter, we will be happy to help you

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