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Custom software development, web-design, SEO, SMM

Custom software development

Software Outsourcing Services / IT Services// EXONYA is a custom software development company, the only software outsourcing company that combines modern technologies, agile approach in software development and orientation on client needs

Our goal is to create custom software  that will cover 100 % (or even more than 100%) of customer needs. Deep requirements analysis allows us to produce modern, smart and robust custom software. Founded in 2010 by alumni of St.Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation (Master dergee in Computer Science), EXONYA produced numbers of software projects for companies like Pegas Touristik (Russia, travel company) and Transwestern (USA, main line of business is commercial real estate).

WE ARE: Transparent  | Focused | Risk-free | Stable | Fast | Modern | Flexible

We support a wide range of process and commercial engagement models to ensure that project flow fits our client’s operational and financial objectives