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Partnership between Exonya and SKB Kontur

Written by EXONYA on . Posted in Exonya news, Our Projects, SKB Kontur

We’re pleasured to announce a partnership between EXONYA and SKB Kontur.

SKB Kontur develops software for e-document interchange, accounting and business management. SKB Kontur ecosystem enables business to simplify interaction with authorities and contractors and make internal processes transparent by getting rid of needless papers.

SKB Kontur is of the same age as IT-industry in Russia. It was founded in Y1988 — in 18 months after IBM announced launch of the first PC. After celebration of a 25th birthday in Y2013 SKB Kontur continue to develop dynamically.

Today 1.25 mln subscribers all over the country use SKB Kontur’s solutions — from entrepreneurs to industrial holdings with many branch offices.

Now EXONYA becomes a is a service provider for all services of SKB Kontur. If you want to get an access to any service provided by SKB Kontur (such as electronic exchange of legally valid documents between companies, a web service that instantly vets contracting parties, certificates and much more – please see a list of products on the SKB Kontur’s web-site) please feel free to contact us!